random thoughts

Something stereotypical personality might seem normal but you know these days its difficult to find normalcy. People strive to find that state of mind. It’s apparent by seeing current trend of relations when people are experimenting with them endlessly but going nowhere. Once upon a time, relationships and even marriages were just the part of life, like a normal flow where person is oblivious with the fact that this is a piece in which something abnormal can occur ever and would concentrate his/her energy into something which is constructive. Now, people and their personalities are overshadowed with the turmoil errupting in their life. I dont know who is responsible for that and how did we come to such a state. I am still trying to analyse it. Meeting new people and learning from their experiences.

One more thing I have observed about relationships. We go with the looks and physical appearance initially. But does it matter at all in the coming time. For example 5-6 years later. They wont remember and wont see whether the person is fat, bald or anything else. He/she just becomes the part of life. And we experience them with how do we feel about them not how do they look. For example, did you ever try to observe the physical looks of your father. I believe, he is just a father to you. You wouldnt have even tried to analyse it also. When you think about him, you think about his behaviour, his care towards you and your love towards him. Similarly it happens to other relationships too. Attraction plays its role initially but in later stages it becomes much more important how do they behave in real life.


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