A Letter

Came to know your circumstances.
I am sure, it must be an unfortunate news for you.
All I can only say right now is, something was missing because of which it could not materialise.
Actually I am not from a school of thought which says it happened because of sheer bad luck.

Everything is in our hands.
So, just be patient.
And I don’t think that this is an end of the story.
Life goes on. Just have faith on yourself.
I believe that ‘Whatever happens, happens only for good”.
Every disaster can just show you numerous paths (options) which are unexplored.
Right now, you are just thinking in terms of MBA.
But do you think, being an MBA (or not) is the end of world.
World is full of oppurunities, many – 2 unexplored ones.
And, if you just believe in yourself, you can lead to an unexplored path which can give you much better satisfaction than MBA>>>>>

Why Krishna says ‘Just do your Karma as the fruit is not in your hand”.
Because Trishna (desire) gives sheer pain, nothing else.
Why don’t you think, that whatever I did was in my capacity. If it did not materialise, so be it…There are many other options.

Aur bhagya ke oopar agar lagataar kudaal chalate rahoge, to aakhir kab tak ichchit fal nahin milega.
So, what I would like to say is to be prepared with another task.

Just concentrate on yourself. Things that you can do in better way.

Also on your strengths and your limitations.
This part is very – very important.
Try to see if the task is too difficult (where probability of being successful is very less). If it is, you’ll have to remember that there might be a chance of failure too.
You can try your best. But the probable might not always be a success. So be prepare for that.
And then its later course of action. What if it is not successful.

But to be on the safer side, my advice is always to recognize your strong points, weaker points and limitations too.
Don’t do anything which is outside your capabilities.
Everybody is not perfact. Some people excell in something and others in something else.
So, a Dhiru Bhai Ambani was a Matric fail, but was a genius in business and business relationships.
Amitabh Bachchan was a total failure upto an age of 29-31 and became a genius only in later days.

So, your age is not end of the road.
Just try to see your options.
Think about them and venture on them
Just have a faith on yourself.

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