The question is, whether somebody needs to be extraordinary in some of the defined disciplines. The personality cannot be defined in some well defined curricatures. A small town girl could create such an impact on distant guests that after going from here they just remembered one name, that is Priyanka. That friend even started to think for naming his new composition (the emotions for which were derived from the visit) as Priyanka. Hmm…I started to take notice. What is it all about. A very ordinary conventional girl could create such an impact. And it was all without any predefined notions about a great personality. The human warmth, the sensitivity, the hospitality and the zeal to convey those raw emotions without any hesitation and that too after knowing that they wont be able to understand her language was simply mindblowing for sometime. So, looking into that profile one would just start thinking that the girl has a great future…But..does she really have it???

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