System vs Person

System is very flexible and creates the space for everyone. Life does not appear to be a straight line. Most of the times it happens only in movies that a bad guy is always punished. In real life, bad guys prosper. Ironically system leaves space for them. ‘Good’ guys take reverse turn to give more space for the powerful. Every person plays a character in this play. In the indian society, social bonds are enormous. Because of that, sometimes, persons who don’t perform, become the responsibilty of their near and dears. This social umbrella looks good at its very first sight. In some means it also is. It gives social security to a commoner. However every good thing has its black spots too.

And in this case, a person who does not perform…. The helplessness in a male dominated society becomes a curse for women. Good things dont prosper always. And in this case many good souls die without saying anything.

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