We and Information

Did you ever notice the information bombardment or overflow? Most of us will start thinking if that’s a case with them ever. Umm…We are trapped, but we dont know. It’s about information flow which in many cases creates a bad impact on today’s youth. Have you ever tried to think if you need the amount of information we receive these days.

I am talking about the information we receive from TV, Cinema, Newspapers etc. To get informed is always good. World is huge. Even if we try the way we could, we won’t even be aware about a small drop in sea in our whole lifetime. That’s the amount of information we have in this universe. At the same time, do we need to know all information we are presented with? Here I am talking about the violance, illicit scenes. Some TV serials whose existence itself is based on extra-marital affairs or the querrels between relatives. So much negative waves associated, don’t you think? Do we ever need it? In my view, viewer is like a small child who doesn’t know what to see and what not. He will see whatever is presented to him. Many of the related things don’t depend upon his discretion. People are addicted to it. They see because that has become the part of their life. Whether they like it or not doesnt matter much. However whatever they see does impact their mentality which they even dont know.

They become violent. It’s not the violence in explicit terms but the violence in thoughts. One is jealous with another, or one doesn’t hesitate to use another for money/sex. Illicit sexual advancements are becoming acceptable somehow. Why is that? In the end, the question comes up whether we really need the kind of information we are offered to. Why can’t we simply stop and start living in hibernation for quite some time. From my personal experience I can tell you that this is really worth to experiment. For that quite sometime you feel like living in a different world. Also you are able to devote more time to the things which you might be missing in your life.


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