Heart vs Mind

In indian society, most of the times, we are worried what others think about us. What he/she will say if I do something. Or what will be the reaction of family/friends etc. In this process we tend to forget what we really want from ourselves. But in my view this is a very important point. You want to do something which might make other person happy. If you are clear in your conscience with whatever you are doing, other people really dont come in the picture. Do whatever good your heart says to do.

Most of times we dont listen to our soft feelings which our heart asks us to do. Mind overpowers our feelings, dont you think. You will think that I can help this/that guy but your mind will start thinking that …hey this guy didnt help me that time or…what will I get in return if I help him…Your heart says that you should help him but mind plays game. In process those soft feelings are lost somewhere.

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  • For me it goes hand in hand sometimes mind rules n sometimes heart, mine toh both r strong 😛 the decision is mostly same n i do wat my heart says n wat my heart says my mind knows its correct n then nothing deters me

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