Astrology vs human pscychology – A question

The question is about astrology vs human pscychology. Some people do things only after consulting with their astrologer. Right now, certainly, I am not discussing about the validity of the astrology. It can be a separate thread of discussion. However, sometimes, I realised that the observations made by astrologer become true and that in some way vindicates the people’s reliance on astrology for their day-to-day activities.

Now the question is even bigger. Whether the conscience of the human should be given a chance or because of the uncertainity about the future or fear of unknown, present should be sacrificed. Sometimes, everything else looks really good but just because of the astrology, people don’t go ahead in that direction. I still vividly remember a discussion with an astrologer who said that it’s only human who can change his destiny. Every other creature in this world has a pre-defined destiny according to astrology.

One can think about a child who wants to learn walking. Because of the fear of failure, he will never be able to learn walking. Definitely he will stumble in between, but he will learn walking by making those mistakes. In my view it’s a similar case of human’s relation with astrology too. I think one should rely on one’s conscience and decide the difference between right and wrong.

One way of thinking is: the astrologer can tell something but somehow he’s not god and whatever he’s saying is not the last word. It’s better to take the decision based on what you see and feel from a third angle. It’s important not to get too involved in the event and instead decide based on all pros and cons about an event.

Any other comments are most welcome.

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  • the thing is humans are very weak about their dear loved ones so they do anything to keep them away from troubles be it a disease or any genuine life problem… so naturally they go in for all that to protect them so their comes this astrology superstitions wotevr.

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