Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

I am a movie freak and almost never miss a chance to watch a good movie. Yesterday I saw “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”, a sweet romantic one. I liked it and so did my family also. The movie touchbases some the basics of human relations which I believed in for a long time and it just reaffirmed my understanding. You’d say that it’s just another movie. But in my view some of its emotional scenes are true to real life also. I would like to discuss some of the abstractions which I could take out of movie and relate to real life.

  1. It’s just too difficult to be just friends in an opposite sex relationship. It just somehow doesn’t work. One of the friends or both of them will find a feeling of loving each other. The cases, where the feeling of love is one-sided, are very difficult to handle even though both of them have made it explicit the relationship as just frinedship. So far, I have never seen two close friends from opposite sex. Somehow I tend to believe it doesn’t exist.
  2. In my last blog, I talked about extreme emotions in which when a person becomes part of your life, you’ll do anything for him/her. These emotions are not just limited to a person only; Bhagat Singh was passionately charged with thr feeling of patriotism for our Nation. In this movie too, Jai – a non-violent person throughout, always says that he will not hurt anybody no matter what. When his best friend Aditi asks, what’ll happen when somebody touches her, he responds saying he’ll still not hurt that “somebody”. That all is limited to plain talks in my view. However when one protagonist (Sushant) in the movie really batters her, this guy who never thought to hurt even an ant and whom everybody calls “fattu”, goes straight to the house of Sushant and beats him up.
  3. You may never feel the importance of your beloved when he/she is with you. Even though, you may want to think that it’s easy to start a new life without him/her, that separation is never easy. You begin to feel that void when that person leaves you in real.
  4. Think about a scenario. You may be very friendly with a person. He/she is your best friend in entire life. You may be sharing your “self” and all secrets of life with him/her only. What happens when someone other comes into your life and takes a lot of time which you earlier used to spend with your friend. That friend will try to accept the new reality but at the same time, feels betrayed too. That feeling is almost very difficult to get away with. Your mind knows that it’s the reality of the life but your heart says something else.

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