Delhi Bomb Blast

This post was written immediately after Delhi Bomb blasts which happened on Sep 13, 2008. Whatever I have written below was an instantaneous reaction. I hope it still makes sense.

Bomb blasts shatter the human psyche. Recent Delhi blasts shattered mine also. People feel so helpless when it happens in their own city. What kind of security we are talking about? Terrorists challenge the Indian government by saying, “Stop us if you can”. And they keep on targeting one city after another.

A typical stereotyped statement comes from Prime Minister to maintain peace and harmony. What’s the meaning of peace/patience after-all? Keeping the mouth shut and doing nothing. Human life has become so cheap and people have become so insensitive that losing 21 lives may be just another headline for a week. After a few more days, another spicy news comes and old details of human-life loss lose the charm. However that loss is ingrained in the psyche of affected relatives for their rest of life. Life moves on and it seems that losing some people doesn’t make much difference in a country of billion people.

Somehow we don’t have a system in which culprits are punished as soon as crime happens. People live a life where they are so vulnerable that if something happens to them, there will be nobody to help them out. If you have influence and power, it’s easy to murder people and stay free as everybody knows very few people have the courage to fight court-cases for rest of their lives. Even if they could, they have minuscule chances to win because of many reasons. So in current context, terrorists know very well that they are fighting against a impotent system and they are using it to their full advantage.

In a sense, bomb blasts came at a right time for these politicians as people will again forget the gravity of Bihar flood situation. Millions of people are in danger and nobody knows how they are going to live their rest of life.

Somehow you may think that I have become a little too sentimental which leads me to think system should not be based on just pure sentiments as generally we Indians become. The system should be impartial and should not be biased because of religion/cast/power or creed. More than 2500 lives got lost in Gujrat in a pre-planned attempt of genocide. One of the most so called respectable prime-minister of India did nothing. Even after all these 6 years or more, in the name of justice we have nothing. The biggest irony of the country is – the same criminal politicians get elected again and again. Instead of booking the culprits of Godhra carnage, the chief-minister delivers the vengeance calls and another 2500 people are killed senselessly. I was shocked to hear the Bajrang Dal top leader describing graphic details on how he killed pregnent woman, her child and other members of the community. It was recorded as a video and shown to the whole world, how a group planned total genocide of a community in Ahemdabad. Even after that the government did nothing. It was said that those details will be used in the legal case, but what legal case are we talking about. Have we become so insensitive that killing in cold blood doesn’t make a difference for our political/judicial system? These legal activities are going to take another 10 years. Another example of “justice denied” case.

When a sizeable population of this country starts losing the faith on the system. Foe people who have lost lives of their relatives in these carnages, it’s easy to go towards extremist ways. And I guess that’s what is happening right now.

All I am trying to say – we need a system which is impartial to everyone. A system which could show fear of law. A system where a criminal is rest assured that he will be booked and punished in a timely fashion. A society where top politicians don’t put the responsibility of the crime on citizens themselves and instead work hard to make city safe for everybody.

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