Some Important Fundas of Life

Vivek: Ever since I came to Dubai, I am stress-free .

Me: One tends to get more sensible as one gets older.

Vivek: No its not so simple..In old age people were in more tension

But then I thought enough is enough and no more tension. So I made a decision that no one can hurt me anymore and i will not be sad whatever the case be. So I am happy since then 🙂

Me: …you seem to have learn a guru-mantra
why don’t you teach me something

Vivek: The world is very cruel buddy, people are not happy to see your happy face

Me: The world was like that from the very beginning friend…

You seem to misunderstood it earlier

Vivek: They will sympathize you when you r in trouble and drive a sadistic sort of pleasure out of it.

Me: As I said…it was already there before too

Vivek: Yeah, but it took some time for me to realize that

I can understand what you mean as you saw all in front of your eyes

You were able to judge people well in advance but i am not

Me: Not only that…if u see past movies for instance the role of Gurudutt’s brothers in Pyasa.

U will see those instance 60-70 years back too

So to me the world didn’t change

Though we interpret it to be changing

For me Mahabharata is still the default truth.

In everyday life u can see that

In today’s world…one has to become Krishna

Being Rama doesn’t work in today’s world

Vivek: Yes, you are right, it is all there in same ratio

But you see I never judge anybody’s background, caste, religion etc. If you are good to me I will be good to you too. That was my thinking.

Me: Continue…

Vivek: But later i see it does matter

In L&T Chennai I saw, they always gave preference to Tamilians even if the guy is a poor performer.

So much nepotism and favoritism

Here in Dubai I found Keralaite have similar culture

They make a wall around themselves and behave with non-Keralite as if we don’t belong to them

Even if you ask them are u from India, his response will be no i am from Kerala

So it looked strange in the beginning but later I realized the whole world is like that.

From there side still I feel it may be their thinking but I will not change myself but will be more cautious on case to case basis.

Me: For me there are some fundamental rules…

Vivek: What are those rules?

Me: I don’t change my nature just because world is changing

Vivek: Go ahead..

Me: People say many a times that because world is changing u should also change…

But to me that doesn’t work

Vivek: To me also..

That is why i said i will not change myself..!!

Me: For instance, sometimes some say those guys didn’t help u why u want to help them

Me: For me it’s simple…they did what they thought right and I am doing what it seem to me right

Another rule is –

Patra (deserving) and Kupatra (non-deserving)

U share your knowledge or help those people whom u feel are Patra of ur help

Otherwise some people will complain – why are u interfering in their life

Vivek: Okay

yaah..They may think that way

Me: Also if u help kupatra who doesn’t respect ur help and ur good thinking, or doesn’t respond with some actions

It’s again a waste

Vivek: Agreed!!!

Me: Today’s life…is full of instances where you feel ur situation as of Arjuna in Mahabharata

There may be relatives, friends and near and dears

Who take wrong direction…

If that happens, u have to take hard decisions of life

Vivek: I did not get this point..

Me: The point is – Moh (enchantment for the world around) in real life will make u weak

Either u be weak or be on the side of Dharma always

Vivek: Yes , you have to play the role of Arjuna

Me: But it’s easy to talk about being Arjuna, but very difficult to be Arjuna in real life

Vivek: For Arjuna also it was not easy

The whole Gita got written just to convince him

Me: But yet again it’s very important to be Krishna and that should answer all ur questions

Vivek: Agreed

Other rule pl..

Me: Last rule is Sthitpragya Darshan

Vivek: Explain pl

Me: Take a look at

Vivek: I am reading it now

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