It’s just business

Chandan:Hey. how are you?

J. Raja:I’m good. how have you been?

Chandan:jo suna hai sach hai kya?

J. Raja:??

Chandan:u joined Future Constructions

J. Raja:yep ..


J. Raja:doesn’t mean you should stop talk to me .. 😉

Chandan:just…wondering ki kispe bharosa karoon kispe nahin

J. Raja:oh cmon, i joined them in June .. and had no such plans back in Jan/Feb

Chandan:what about ur those talks…about what people already thought about when u resigned…

I have no problems in your joining with any company…but it looks like I misjudge sometimes 🙂

J. Raja:Which talks are you referring to? 🙂 I don’t think I have been contradictory and there are 3-4 things going on and my association with Future Constructions is one of them

Chandan:People already told that u will join them…and me only trust on what u said

J. Raja:At that time, I had no plans on “joining” here. I served out my notice period with sincerity in my work. I didn’t “join” Future Constructions to get back at Lakshman Associates.

My association with Future Constructions is more complex than you think.

Chandan:Raja…it has nothing to do about ur intention…I don’t care about good or bad intentions. It was just my trust…thats it.

Trust on what u said…at the time when you were in problems

J. Raja:I can understand where you’re coming from. I hope your perception of me can change although I can’t force that to happen. 🙂

like the quote from The Godfather “It’s just business” .. hehe

nice talking to off to Kashmir tomorrow on my vacations .. cant wait!

Chandan:Ok. take care and good luck!

J. Raja:thanks..

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