Some Unanswered Questions

Questions about our own existence which will remain unanswered forever I think.

Ever thought why you were born in the same family you are born in? For instance I got born at Thana Bhawan in the family of Sri Om Prakash Gandhi. Why didn’t I born at some unknown place in Africa, for instance in Somalia or some place at Bihar.

How do I feel myself? I feel somebody called Shrikant in myself and there is absolutely no connection with anybody else. Similarly somebody in America must be feeling John Smith in himself. But these two individuals are completely isolated from each other. Though they feel themselves in their body but they really don’t know about themselves. Why don’t I feel myself in some other’s body. What’s that which is so important for my existence. Everybody is isolatedly dropped on earth by some means and have no connection with their so called previous life. No memory, nothing and new life. So in that way, it may be possible that I am here in India right now but I can be somewhere else in Africa in my next life. And who knows, I just go to another planet with a new life as some animal or some other body form. Or who knows, current life is the end of spontaneous life. No past and future but only present. And in that way, I don’t really know who am I except having an option of feeling what I can feel right now.

As soon as this spirit is gone, the body is lifeless. And we have absolutely no clue about this LIFE.


  • You are touching upon something called consiousness I suppose. There are various yogis who research on this through experience and can throw in lots of things that one can chew on and digest.
    – Vivek (your old buddy)

  • Yesterday I bought Upnishads from Arya Pratinidhi Sabha (small books of around 50 pages each) Delhi and I was zapped to see the exact questions written and also explainations. It was hard to imagine that all that was written thousands of years back and in a very scientific way.

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