New Year 2011

Me: new year is every day!

Me: reply to your profile message (Why are we celebrating new year??… Because one more year over from our life? Isnt it time to look back and see where you are?) 😛

Srini: then y u r celebrating this particular day?

Me: people love celebrations…thats the only cause

Srini: celebration shud be when u earned something – materialistic or non… but u wont njoy such celbs

Me: u dont need a reason for celebrations

Srini: celebration with a cause is gud

Me: why shouldnt one find and get oppurtunity to be happy …there need not to be any reasons…isnt it?
India is a country where u find too many occations for celebrations and most of them are just because of our culture 😉

Srini: a real happiness comes after an achievement

Me: in the world of so many disappointments, pains and worry where real happiness is rare…people have good reasons…to not to have any reason for instance if I distribute sweet…I dont need to have any reasons
Me: sometimes u do that too

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