Where are we going?

Children are singing and dancing on “Munni badnam hui” and “Shiela ki jawani” just because they don’t have any choice. Nobody makes movies and songs for them and also don’t feel any social obligation towards them. I have to make a real conscious effort to find suitable songs for my daughter Suhani. However in practice, most of the parents may not have the understanding or time. Consequently, adult and filthy entertainment (sex and violence) keeps on going in front of small kids. As parents are also so busy in their life and also children don’t have many similar aged kids to play with, keeping children in front of TV looks like a big shortcut which in the end may not work that well for kids.

In bollywood, it has become fashionable of sort to use explicit abuses and scenes. Almost all songs are loud dance songs. Soothing. peaceful or sad songs have disappeared. Even actresses are also singing “character dheela”. Ram Gopal Varma uses explicit abuses on twitter. He makes a movie based on Neeraj Grover murder case which is one of the goriest murder stories in last few years. The murder accused Maria goes free and receives a movie offer by RGV and also a proposal to appear in next “Big Boss”. It’s quite surprising that for some girls, the ideal is Rakhi Sawant to gain the quick fame. Dolly Bindra brings very loud, abusive attitude in Big Boss and becomes a celebrity and charges hefty fee to appear in TV serials. So fame and quick money corresponds to how loud, violent and vulgar you are. Times of India as a newspaper had top 10 smooches of 2010 yesterday and today it had top 10 lovemaking scenes in this year.

People have lost the sensitivity Indians were known for. One of my colleagues dies in a car accident and surprisingly workplace looks exactly same next week. If you dont drink you will feel coming from just another world . Drinking among Indian girls is “hap” thing today. Almost all TV serials are based on the domestic violence and infidelity. Comedy serials are just filthy vulgar and double-meaning satires in which only judges laugh.

TV news is just focused on sensational stories. The same news which was of 20 min duration, 20 years ago has got elongated to 24 hours because of all these news channels. News is replaced with bollywood gossips and TV reality serials.

One lady is repeatedly raped just a KM away from my residence in DDA Sports complex. Many girls have been gang-raped by auto-drivers or abducted straight from open roads. Inflation has made such in-roads that things have become just doubly costly and a common man can just see it happening. Depression has become very common among city dwellers where social contact has become rarity.

Earlier people used to think why a relative came to their house as it was quite regular affair. Now people beg those same relatives to visit them as they feel all alone in this big city. So at the expense of such an economic boom the question is – where are we going?


  • "Munni badnaam hui" or "Sheila ki jawani" are two popular raunchy (item) songs from recent bollywood movies. Bollywood makes very few movies for children and similarly the music industry is also very adult oriented. In the absence of suitable content for kids, they are forced to watch these songs only. Shocking picture comes when even parents teach those raunchy moves to their 6 year old child for a reality show. That's when I say where are we heading?

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