Sthitpragya darshan – my experience

Today I will talk about a ‘darshan (philosophy)’ which you need the most at this moment. This Darshan has been taken from Geeta and is called ‘Sthitpragya Darshan’ There can be many interpretation of this. But here is what what I felt from my own experience. The person who remains the same in the moments of ‘Sukh (joy)’ and ‘Dukh (sorrow)’ is called Sthitpragya. Woh in cheejon se pare hota hai (He is outside of any defined definitions).

Lets talk about a real scenario
The world is full of evil. Isn’t it. Let’s accept it

Evil cannot be defined in terms of a person or a creed
It can be inside each individual. Whenever time and circumstances prevails, aadmi ka ganda chehra dikhayee dene lagta hai (we see the evil face of the human)

Another scenario…
There are people who do the bad things…most of the times
In real life you will see them as problem creators… people who feel jealous from another, using people for sex or money.

As a matter of fact you will see them as negative waves which might hurt a lot …a lot
And you will be pondering on those…why did he do that and then it can cause depression too. Like…why dont they accept my own identity or why did he/she said such things to me.

Some persons dont know what they are doing
as their whole life is involved in such bad things
you cannot change them. Period.

Then question arise whats the solution…
They are going to do what they are doing…forever
Hmm…now, how do we care for ourselves…

The solution is to feel mercy on them…
Sometimes we have to consider them as pscychological patients who need mercy than hatred. Lets accept the truth.

They are not going to change
They will keep on sending their negative waves as they dont know what they are doing. And you cannot change them too.

So…how to deal with these negative waves…
One solution is…to take them as they come…which most often people do
They take these negative waves on their heart and in that process get hurt
even if they know…that person is like that only.

We try to become brave…and try to let it come on the heart
the result is the destruction and it shows when person gets hurt…
and goes into a shell

The question is….is it possible to change ‘poison’ to amrit
The negative waves remain negative…even if you try to analyse them from different angles..
So…becoming brave and taking these nagative waves at heart….is not a solution….
The solution is to avoid them….
let them go….and duck these waves
and keep on sending positive waves
Sthipragya person is like Sun
who keeps on sending positive waves…
without interruption

who always tries to think something positive for others….
even if those people…try to do something bad to him
He…avoids their negative waves….
but keep on sending the positive waves…
without any interruption 🙂

thinking….that they are doing what they are supposed to do
and i am doing…what i am supposed to do
in process…it might happen…that those people might change….

Those negative waves are satiated with their positive waves…
because har ek evil mein bhee human angle hota hai (as every evil person has a human angle too)
and that might turn on when he just gets love…even in response of hatred.

So my dear Friend!
Try to become Sthitpragya
You might say…That its not practical
and its not possible for human
I think everything is possible
we try to give excuses to ourselves…
and dont even try for it

door se kaaphi saari cheejein…difficult dikhayee deti hain
par jaise-2 paas aao…
aur un par amal karna shuru karo
wahi cheejein….
aasaan lagne lagti hain
Jo karneeya hai….
wahi karne ka hai (From very far most of the things looks difficult.
But as you come near to them…start practising them…they become easier.You have to do whatever is supposed to be done.)
Think about it


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